About Us

The Lawyers Society is a form of network which provides a platform for reasons of connecting professionals with each other. This is the reason why members can be only legal professionals.

Our purpose is to give any member the possibility to ask in an anonymous form question which are arising in a clients case. So we are a network specialy made for the matters of our members, which are mostly sole practitioner or small to medium sized law firms.

As the world is growing by globalisation more and more together, especially in the EU, and clients having their affairs crossing borders to. The focus of the Lawyers Society lays with its members in the countries of the EU.

Our commitments

1. Fairness, we will handle each members matters personaly and with the required care.

2. Anonymity, each members and their clients privacy is our highes good. Because of this question will be anonym.

3. Transparency, our price-modell is open to read for non-members and is simple in its form as also any other contract clause

4. Direct, if a member has any queris or feedback for progress of the Lawyers Society, feel free and give us a notice - we will have an open ear.