General Terms and Conditions

§1 Services

(1) The Lawyers Society is a network connecting professionals. For this reason a platfrom, the Lawyers Society, giving the possibility to ask questions concering other jurisdictions or areas of law is provided.

(2) The pure membership to this network is free. Also asking a question is free of costs. The service of the Lawyers Society is to connect members searching for answers with members who can provide these answers. A fee does apply when a question will be answered.


§2 Applicability to entrepreneurs and definitions of terms

(1) The following general terms and conditions (GTC) are designed for all contractual aspects between the Lawyers Society and any business partner. Contracts are only formed with other businesses (B2B).

(2) A business in the meaning of the GTC is every individual person working for its own interest and benefit or any form of incorporated entity. Parties of a contract are the questioner, respondend and the Lawyers Society.

(3) As the Lawyers Society is a network soly for professionals. Members can be only legal professionals.

(3) The general terms and conditions are part of every contract made in the name of the Lawyers Society. They are applying also when not specily refered to them.


§3 Forming of contracts

(1) A contract will be formed when a business chooses to answer a question forwarded by a fellow professional. This process will follow the pattern of that a question will be set out anonmy to the members of the Lawyers Society. Any member can choose to answer the question. For this the respondend will make an offer to the questioner. This offer has to included the terms of the aggrement as also the price which the respondend sets out for the answer. The offer has to be accepted by the questioner.

(2) When a contract between both parties, questioner and respondend, has been formed the fee of the Lawyers Society has been earned.

(3) Payment of the Lawyers Societies fee has to be made when the answer of the respondend will be delivered.

(4) GTC of any other party participating in the contract with the Lawyers Society will be not accepted or being part of the contract.


§4 Fee, Payment and sattelment date

(1) The fee which the Lawyers Society charges for its service of the platform is a rate of 15,0 per cent. A reduced fee is applicable when the member refered another professional to the Lawyers Society. The reduced fee is 10,0 per cent. All fees include GST.

(2) The reduced fee applys to members which have refered one professional to the society and this professional sings up for a membership. This is not limited by time.

(3) Other fees or costs doe not apply.

(4) Payments are made via PayPal.

(5) The day of sattelment is when the respondend delivers the answer to the question. Before the answer will be delivered the fee has to be payed by the respondend.

(6) The fee of the Lawyers Society does not depend on the quality of the given answer by the respondend and is not refundable.

(7) If at any time the respondend and the questioner decide that the contract wont be continued the fee of the Lawyers Soceity has not to be paid.


§5 Contract Language

The language of contracts and communication is english.


§6 Invalidity of clauses

In the case if a paragraph or a claus of this GTC is invalid, the remaining stays valid.


§7 Liability and relevant court

(1) Liability is limited on the fee which the Lawyers Society recives out of the contract. Any liability is als limited to the process of bringing questioners and responders together. It does not extend of the content of the question or the anwser.

(2) Relevant court for any kind of disputs is the Amtsgericht Esslingen am Neckar, Germany.


§8 Arbitration

The Lawyers Society is not part of an arbitration system under the German Consumer dispute resolution law (Verbraucherstreitbeilegungsgesetz).