How the Lawyers Society works

To be part of the Lawyers Society you will have to sign up.

Only members are having full access to the questions already asked, are able to put new question or to answer questions of fellow lawyers. To ensure that only fellow professionals are part of this society, we will have to hand-pick each registration. This is might be the reason why your clearance can take up to 24 hours.

Because security is our priority we keep forwarded questions neutral and anonyme - at first.

When a match between questionee and answeree has been made we will exchange the datas of both members involved. The Lawyers Society is a match-maker.

Our purposes is to provide a platform on which professionals can seek advice for there clients and cases involving other areas of law through the jurisdictions in the European Union.

When forwarding a question, your question will stay anonyme and is accessable only to members. Every member is open to respond to the question. Any response is first a offer including the conditions of the answeree as also the fee which will be forwared to the questonee. The member asking the question is free to accept the offer.


After the agreement has been reged the answer to the question will be exchanged and the fee for our service is open to be payed. The fee charged by the Lawyers Society is deepending on your statues and values at 15.0% or 10.0% out of the fee charged by the answerees invoice. This fee will be paied by the answeree.

Fee arrangement, if you are a member which has refered a fellow lawyer to sign up to the Lawerys Society, your fee will be reduced at 10.0% without any further condition or limitations.

With this arrangement we are seeking a fast growing base of memebers and want to hounre your referal.

Transpereancy is important to us - so will be also our fee arrangement.


Any member which has not made any referal so far will be charged with a fee of 15.0%.